• we are the race waking world
  • WE WANT RACE WALKING<br>20Km & 50Km
  • Just a gesture of silent and fast protest
  • Arms crossed<br> right hand closed, left hand open
  • like a 50 with your hands
  • we defend the identity of racewalking
  • not only 50Km but also 20Km
  • we are coaches & former racewalkers
  • we are top & kids athletes
  • we are many...
  • and more...
  • and more...
  • and more...

IAAF Race Walking Committee wants to delete race walking 20Km & 50Km,

reducing race distances to 10Km and 30Km. If this happened, our discipline would be destroyed, murdered. Many racewalkers all over the world are against it, the IAAF RW Committee don’t represent us but only megalomania and the interests of a few people. The crazy proposals of the IAAF Committee will be voted by the IAAF Council on March 10, we must protest and act so that these proposals are not approved. Race Walking has an identity, a discipline does not bend to presumed media needs. More than 100 years of racewalking Olympic history can not be ignored…

Protest to save racewalking 20Km & 50Km

Protest to save racewalking 20Km & 50Km

Is called RACEWALKING GUERRILLA. Just a gesture of silent and fast protest. Is very simple:

Step1> close both hands in fist

Step2> cross arms

Final step > open your left hand.

(You can look at photos of other racewalkers on this website, you will understand immediately)

What is this? Is a 50 with your hands, to remind everyone that we want the racewalking 50K. We have to attract attention, do it alone or together with other friends, in training, in the races before the start, at the end or on the podium. It’s important, is the battle of all racewalkers. It’s so as not to delete our identity of discipline unique. Take a picture and share with hashtag #SAVETHERACEWALKING WE WANT RACEWALKING 20Km & 50Km

How to act? Here’s what we want

How to act? Here’s what we want

What many racewalkers, coaches and racewalking lovers all over the world want is simple:

1. Keep the current 20km / 50km as the international racewalking distances until after the 2024 Olympics.

2. Use this extended timeframe to properly test the new shoe insert technology.

3. Work to enhance the current 20km / 50km events to make them more attractive to the general viewing public (Phoenix Project).

4. Visit this issue (if it still exists) again in 2024 once the shoe insert technology has been deemed to work (or not!).

The only ones who can now sway the decision are our top racewalkers. If they are prepared to contact their IAAF Council delegates or get their member federations to contact the council delegates, they may make a difference in the final vote. We have to convince them to help us, we have to help them convince the delegates.

Phoenix, a new project for racewalking

Phoenix, a new project for racewalking

The Phoenix is a mythological bird that is reborn from its ashes and for this reason, also symbolizes the power of resilience, or the ability to cope in a positive manner to difficulty. In this dramatic moment for our discipline, can emerge a great unity of purpose, we can not miss this opportunity. Already the numerous letters and proposals that we have sent to the IAAF RWC (and which they have ignored) are the basis for the future of racewalking.

We must not think about changing racewalking, but about how to spread in all the world what is racewalking, with a real project based on communication an promotion. We can all contribute, the revolution starts from the bottom, from the sports clubs, from the comparison of the experiences already made, from the analysis of the problems. We must join to this initiative from all over the world, only those who experience racewalking can really help it grow.

If you are a club or a racewalkers association, if you are a coach, athlete or judge tired of the old system, immediately join this project, we will develop it together. Write email to info@savetheracewalking.org