Survey results. How to save the race walking?

This survey was conducted to check if the IAAF RW Committe proposals for races of 10 and 30Km really were a welcome solution to the racewalking world; the results of the survey clearly show what everyone is saying strongly, the proposals of the IAAF RWC are wrong. Look at the results, you have the possibility to download both the total and the details for each country

Summary results of survey : Download
RAW DATA: Download (IP anonymized)

Countries details (click under contry code that you want to download):
ALG[17]ARG[18]AUS[113] – BEL[15]BLR[49]BOL[19]BRA[53]BUL[13]CAN[27]CHI[22]  – COL[20]CRC[23]CRO[35]  – CZE[29]  – ECU[25] – ESA[10]ESP[31]  – FIN[79]FRA[103]GBR[97] – GER[45]GRE[21]GUA[31]HKG[34] – HUN[32]IND[44]  – IRL[13]ITA[149]JPN[57] – KOR[29] – LTU[25] – MEX[104]NED[28] – NOR[22]NZL[45] – PER[35]POL[37]POR[43] – RSA[31]RUS[82] – SRB[26] – SVK[85]SWE[14]TUR[49]UKR[28]USA[90] – VEN[18]

Countries with less than 10 survey participants were merged into a single summary file AUT[4] – AZE[1] – CHN[1] – CUB[5] – CYP[1] – DOM[2] – EGY[3] – EST[5] – ETH[4] – GEO[3] – HON[1] – IRI[3] – KAZ[4] – KEN[1]- LAT[9] – LBN[1] – MAR[5] – MAS[1] – NGR[3] – PAN[2] – PUR[1] – ROU[8] – SGP[3] – SRI[8] – SUI[1] – TPE[7] – TUN[7] – UZB[2] – VIE[2]

TOTAL DOWNLOAD (all files in ZIP archive)

This survey was conducted by the Italian company “E404Media” with respect to the European laws about privacy (GDPR Regulation EU 2016/679). The data were collected through “” online platform. Results are distributed exclusively with aggregated or anonymous data.

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